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The Notary Morghen signed on the 23rd June 1964. That’s the birthday of Torbole Sailing Club.

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Launch of the Roboboj®


Explained the technical features and the ecological advantages of the Roboboj®

From Tomorrow 600 children into the water at the 7th Halloween Cup Optimist class, the first regatta in Italy completely managed by robotic buoys.

Nago-Torbole (TN) - Presented at the Circolo Vela Torbole, with the participation of all the representatives of the sailing clubs of Alto Garda (Fraglia Vela Riva, Lega Navale di Riva, Circolo Vela Arco, Circolo Surf Torbole and of course Circolo Vela Torbole) the electric buoys that the technicians of Roboboj® will be used on the occasion of the 7th Halloween Cup, regatta of the Optimist youth class scheduled from Friday to Sunday 3 November and that today has broken through the 600 registered. The project, carried out by all the united clubs, aims to offer the management of regattas with only roboboe, especially to protect the environment, as well as a simplification of the development of the race fields. “It's time for a change -commented the President of the Circolo Vela Torbole Gianpaolo Montagni - I would like to thank the representatives of Roboboj present here for having come personally to show us the functioning and reliability of these buoys, which offer us the opportunity to protect our lake. For the first time in Italy this model of buoy will be used in a fleet race: a debut that coincides with the record number of 600 registered for the Halloween Cup".

From roboboe technicians
These are the characteristics explained by Alain Rubeli of Roboboj®: The electric buoys are naturally ecological, we are also developing solar battery chargers, there is no more fuel in the management of inflatable boats to lay and move the buoys as it happens today, there is no material that is thrown and left in the water: so this project is realized with total attention to the environment. Attention in the choice of the type of materials, the type of propulsion; using them you get an overall saving for number of inflatables and personnel, necessary to manage a race, as well as an extreme ease of use. The great difficulty in making these roboboe was to make simple a complex thing with a tablet or phone. The battery life is about 24 hours, after being tested even in the wind at 25 knots; the accuracy of the GPS has a variable of only 15 cm. We are happy to be here in the paradise of sailing; we have collected a series of feedbacks from sailors and race committees and in the next few days we will be working for the first time in Italy with this model of buoys perfected after a year of experience in racing fields across Europe, where we found 30 knots, as 5 and everything has always worked.

The complete buoy with 2 batteries weighs 105 kg, a weight intentionally important to be able to stay still even in strong wind conditions; a perfect compromise of height, width and weight to work in all conditions, respecting physical laws. Also from a software point of view, it has the convenience of being able to move the whole race course at the same time when a wind shift is recorded: with a single button, all the buoys are repositioned according to the new degrees from which the wind comes. Even when the connection is lost, the position of the buoys can be blocked with a single command, waiting for the network to return to function. Specific interfaces with SAP and tracking systems are also being developed.

The Announcement

Rodolfo Bergamaschi - President of the XIV FIV Zone Rodolfo Bergamaschi said he was very sensitive to the possibility of using these buoys throughout Lake Garda; it is a project that must certainly be believed: “I expect to have feedback, suggestions, on how the FIV Zone that I represent, can make this project come true.”

President of Fraglia Vela Riva Mirandola: “The block of motor navigation was the first step to preserve our lake and today we must go further with this green opportunity offered by electric buoys".

Carlo Pompili President of Circolo Vela Arco
: “Congratulations on this Halloween Cup, which has the incredible number of 600 members in a period of the year that could be low season: we clubs, all together, bring here on Lake Garda hundreds, thousands of sailors from around the world and from today we want to offer a strong message, as well as a better service for the races themselves; the municipalities, the province, all institutions, must try to meet us in these efforts, which with the roboboe project touch the ecological sphere.”

 Armando Bronzetti, President of Circolo Surf Torbole: “The possibility to change the racing fields quickly with a single click becomes essential for the organization of high-level events, as well as in every season each of us has on the calendar between the World Cup and Europe.”

 Massimo Concini, Lega Navale Italiana, Riva del Garda: “As a Naval League we have as our founding values the culture of seafaring and the protection of the environment, so we can only marry this project by joining forces with other circles so that it can come true.”

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VIDEO with explanation of electronic buoy - Roboboj®