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The Notary Morghen signed on the 23rd June 1964. That’s the birthday of Torbole Sailing Club.

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Circolo Vela Torbole starts with a NEW Board of Directors


Mauro Versini newly elected president of Circolo Vela Torbole: he is the successor of Gianpaolo Montagni . The regattas restart with the Italian Melges 24 from 17 to 19 July

It's time for a cautious, but ample restart for the sailing clubs of the Alto Garda; a restart that in some ways is not easy, but just as stimulating for the series of new challenges and new partnerships that are appearing from week to week, thanks also to the support of the Italian Sailing Federation. Also for the Circolo Vela Torbole, which has seen some of its historic races cancelled at the beginning of the season, new motivations are not lacking. On the one hand, the newly elected Board of Directors, chosen by its members to give continuity to the projects developed in the last 3 challenging years, can bring even more energy to the new initiatives; the last management has brought great changes to the club, which has seen the renewal of the headquarters and most of the operational staff. The initiatives of various kinds, the control of expenses, the regattas, the sailing school and the competition teams Optimist and Laser, the social events proposed in recent years by the Circolo Vela Torbole, have clearly been appreciated by members, who have chosen to restore confidence in the management team, which until now had been committed. Mauro Versini thus succeeds Gianpaolo Montagni (outgoing president for the achievement of the maximum number of mandates) and continues the path taken with the same Montagni together with the rest of the Team, now composed by the vice-president Attilio Dall'Agnola and the advisors Gianni Righetti, Matteo Pilati, Michele Caldonazzi, Mikel Slijk, Raffaella Todeschini and Sandro Rigotti.
Another important challenge that is certainly starting is the creation of the new Garda Trentino Vela consortium, which will have to be the tool to innovate (see the electric buoys), offering more and more advanced organizational and technological events, as well as technical: a project that naturally involves all the sailing clubs of the Upper Garda including the Circolo Vela Torbole, which has as its referent the outgoing president Gianpaolo Montagni, who also remains engaged in the management of the races of the same Circolo Vela, which with the month of July finally return to the calendar. This is how, after the many activities dedicated to young people that began in June with the sailing school, training sessions and the new multidisciplinary camps, the new sports calendar has been drawn up in these days, which in the case of the Circolo Vela Torbole is back on the calendar from the weekend of July 17-19 and ends in November. It will be the Melges 24 monotype to inaugurate the racing season with a three-day race season valid for the Italian Championship. The same Melges 24 class, which in 2012 held one of the most contested World Championships ever in Torbole, will return in the second weekend of August, this time for the restart of the European Circuit, which has chosen Garda Trentino for the first of its four stages of the continental tour, scheduled between Austria, Slovenia and again Italy, in Trieste. A restart, therefore, in the name of trust, which will bring back to the Circolo Vela Torbole the activities at 360°, naturally following all the safety rules provided by the ordinances in force, but without giving up a sport, such as sailing, recognized as one of the safest from the health point of view.