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The Notary Morghen signed on the 23rd June 1964. That’s the birthday of Torbole Sailing Club.

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La Scala in the lead among italians; very close podium positions

As every beginning of October - beauty is on stage with the wonderful Dragon-class regatta, always hosted in Circolo Vela Torbole in this period of the year. Dragon-class is a boat with a unique elegance which after so much foil on boards, kites, monohull boats and catamarans, takes you back in time. The sixteenth edition of the Wagner Cup , also valid for the Italian Dragoni Class Championship, started on Friday with a particular day of fog, clouds and sun that did not frighten the wind from south (Ora), which was punctual and generous on the North Lake Garda, just after lunchtime, allowing the dispute of three beautiful races.
After a hard-fought first day, the 16th HD Wagner Cup of the Dragoni class had a setback on Day 2 (Friday 2 October) due to bad weather, which did not bring the wind, but only a lot of rain. Waiting to race for the last day of the Regatta on Saturday (starting at 10:00 a.m.) the first day was fantastic, with the wind from south blowing even up to 12-14 knots with lights and shadows that have made Garda Trentino particularly fascinating, as the Dragoni themselves, both in the water and on the docks.
The first three positions are particularly close together with only two points spaced by the Danish Schönherr-Videbæk-Houweling in the lead after a 3-1-4 as partial results. In a tie the Germans Link-Butzamnn-Lipp (7-2-1) and Dirk-Koy-Löööf (5-3-2).
The Swiss Kniffka-Bittner-Flach, who got an early start and then a disqualification after a very good second and fourth, should be kept an eye on; when the gap is applied, they could leap forward in the ranking. As for the Italians - racing for the Italian Championship - in the lead (seventh overall) ITA 12 Galatea, the marvellous wooden Dragon protagonist of the 1956 Helsinki Olympics and now owner La Scala in crew with Benedetti-Dondelli.
Also on this occasion the electric buoys with GPS virtual anchorage were used.