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The Notary Morghen signed on the 23rd June 1964. That’s the birthday of Torbole Sailing Club.

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Circolo Vela Torbole: in 2020 only quality choices


Consistency and team-spirit are the keystones of the new Board of Directors led by Mauro Versini

Quality sailing school with ambitious and strategic objectives, training of federal instructors and refresher courses for motor science teachers, winning competitive teams, organisation of top-level regattas and hospitality for guests (professional and amateur sailors), collaboration with the Clubs, the Italian Sailing Federation and International Sailing Federations, CONI Trento, as well as the Municipality of Nago-Torbole, the cornerstones of the 2020 activity of the Torbole Sailing Club, which boasts the credibility recognised by institutions and professionals in the sector.

With the last regatta scheduled at the end of the month, the Halloween Cup dedicated to the youngsters of the Optimist (30 October - 1 November), Circolo Vela Torbole is about to close the 2020 season, proud to have made some "courageous" choices in order to achieve medium and long term goals. The choices have taken into account some fundamental factors: the quality offered in terms of hospitality regattas, technical meetings and sailing school, investment in young people with the aim of creating a well-structured and compact local competitive team, involvement of provincial, local, national and international institutions by creating technical, didactic-training and sports connections. The association, currently chaired by Mauro Versini and previously by Gianpaolo Montagni, who outlined the first guidelines in this sense, started in June to propose sailing school courses exclusively on the training boat par excellence, the Optimist, lasting two weeks for only 8 children per course with the same number of boats, thus complying with the strict protocols indicated by the Italian Sailing Federation and the Province, with the natural consequence of maximum health safety and careful management of the technical growth of each child. The results arrived immediately: for the first year 8 children after the fortnightly summer course will follow the pre-boarding training, thus starting a collective team path.

At the same time, more playful and multidisciplinary sports courses have been offered, perhaps the only club in Italy that has offered families a weekly multilateral course for their children: alternating between sailing on a mini-keelboat, windsurfing, SUP has created an opportunity for socialising and outdoor activities without hindering the learning of more sailing and aquatic disciplines, important for the psychomotor development of the child. An "experiment" that has met with the favour of many families, not only local families.

The investment in young people for the preparation of Optimist teams will one day bring a generational change to the current youth Laser team, which has been successful in all the regattas held in the last 5 years: in the only Laser 4.7 championship in 2020, the European Championship in Portugal, Carlotta Rizzardi won silver medal; at the Italian youth championship, single under 19 women's Laser Radial class gold for Giorgia Cingolani and bronze medal for Rizzardi herself; finally, at the CICO- Italian Championship Olympic Classes- Giorgia Cingolani won bronze medal in the under 21 Laser Radial class. In practice, in the only races that are held in this complicated 2020 season, the Circolo Vela Torbole went to the podium. Meanwhile, among the youngest of the Optimist in the recent Torboli Trophy at Riva, the CVT team won in the junior category the victory among the under 12s, as well as 5th place overall, with Erik Scheidt and 2nd place for women with Ginevra Fravezzi.

As soon as it was possible, of course, the organization of the regattas started again, opening the doors of the club to all sailing enthusiasts: sailing professionals, but also professionals in life with a passion for sailing, who choose Garda Trentino and Circolo Vela Torbole to spend their holidays. Welcoming, professionalism and sharing make the Circolo Vela Torbole one of the best known sailing clubs in the world in terms of competition and sport, an internationally recognised merit that is also reflected in the economy of the area, which hosts hundreds of regattas and families, who return every year with growing enthusiasm.

In recent years, our Club has tried to forge important partnerships with the world of technical training, both for athletes and technicians: in particular, it has worked in close collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation and other international sailing federations, which have based the club with some national Olympic teams for technical meetings. These meetings also extended to the national Laser under 19 team, whose technical internships were an opportunity for instructors preparing to obtain the 2nd level national sailing instructor's diploma. There was no lack of high-level training in the Olympic Laser Standard class with the best South American athletes, who attended Circolo Vela Torbole for a few weeks.

And just this weekend the Club hosted a refresher course for teachers of motor science in the Province of Trento, to whom the discipline of sailing has become known, thanks to the collaboration of the XIV Zona FIV Lago di Garda and Trentino Alto Adige with CONI Trento-Miur: a relationship, which aims to bring the world of sailing schools closer and closer to the world of sailing in an area that, thanks to the characteristics of its lakes, allows you to experience the discipline at different levels of learning.